It's Time!

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Hello and welcome! It's time to talk about everyone's favorite fic at the moment, The Blessing and the Curse by the black arrow
Talk about how much you love it!

There will be spoilers in the comments, so enter at your own risk!

Some questions to ponder:
+ How do you see Bella and Edward's relationship? Who do you think is really in control?
+ Do you like this Edward or do you find him too overbearing and creepy?
+ What are your thoughts about Edward's gift?
+ Where do you see Bella and Edward going after Chapter 14: Alchemy?
+ What are your thoughts on Edward's "confession"?
+ Did you read Denying Difference? What kind of perspective does that give you on their relationship?
+ Where do you stand with Michael in this story? When do you think he is going to make an appearance?

So talk and enjoy! Discuss away! :D

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All righty. It's time for that post where I make a lot of rules and then people follow them 0:]

+appuyer is a community for the recommendation of Twilight fanfics. Primarily things will be Edward and Bella, but if you have a story you really love with a non-canon pairing, feel free to post it.

+Tags: Please tag your posts. I made a few tags that I thought we would need, but I'm sure we will need more eventually. If you need a tag, just let me know and I will make it for you. When tagging, tag by pairing [Right now I have it classified as "Edward | Bella and then just "Other"]. Tag by rating; Most of the fics here will be R or NC-17 for the most part, but I will add the lower rating tags if there is a story that you rec that has a lower rating. Tag by category [All Human | Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe, or Canon] and if the story is AU or Canon, please tag which era in the Twilight series it would fall under [Twilight, New Moon, ect.]

Feel Free to post what ever discussions you want. If you have a fic that hasn't updated in like 2 months, post to vent. I'm sure someone else will have read it, and feel just as annoyed. Make sure your posts are interactive.

Have fun!